Amazing Figure Skating Star Nora Hoffman

In 2007 Hoffman teamed up with Maxim Zavozin. Despite Zavozin having a fever, they skated in the original dance at Europeans, but his condition worsened and they had to withdraw before the free dance.They missed the 2009 World Championships due to a serious head injury to Hoffmann while training in the U.S. on 4 March 2009.
She returned to the ice in the second half of May 2009 and eventually began training again with Zavozin, although they had to omit lifts and spins for a while. The accident also resulted in a torn nerve in the sciatic muscle which took half a year to heal.
In the 2010–11 season, Hoffmann and Zavozin made their first appearance together on the Grand Prix series. Their first event was 2010 Cup of China where they placed fourth. At 2010 Cup of Russia, they won silver, their first medal on the senior Grand Prix series. They finished third in both the short and free dance and set personal best scores in both. They competed at the 2011 European Championships where they finished 8th after receiving some low levels from the technical panel and a small stumble.
The Hungarian figure skater not only showcased his talent at the Grand Prix held in China, but also an abundant cleavage far from unnoticed past the spectators. The beautiful Nora has so conquered all.
On 30 March 2011, Hoffmann was hospitalized with an unknown illness in Moscow where she was training. Doctors later said they were fairly certain it was pyelonephritis. She and Zavozin had to withdraw from the 2011 World Championships. We sand her our love and hope we can see her on ice again. She proved that she can fight against anything.

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